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50% up to 150 EUR
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50% up to 200 EUR
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150% up to 250 EUR
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In the last few years, we are direct observers of digital transformation. And it is not like we did not expect it - we surely did. The tendency started about twenty years ago, but it showed a very gradual and light pace, which was easy to adapt to. However, in the last four years, most probably due to the coronavirus coming like a hurricane into our simple and slow-going life, this pace drastically changed. Businesses and even whole industries had to incorporate immense changes to survive the crisis. It is not the virus itself that made the situation harder for the business flow. The medical and political situation insisted on global changes in our lifestyle - the lockdown. We couldn't go out, and when we finally could, everything except the supermarkets and the pharmacies was closed.

This critical situation was both detrimental and developing for the virtual transformation trend. The one industry that we did not believe would survive was the entertainment one as the only thing we knew about it was that it was maintained by real-life contact. However, we were quite surprised that it evolved and transformed into a virtual reality for all our interests and hobbies. Who would have known that even the gambling sector would move forward to the web space?

What is an online casino bonus or promotion

From the very past days, we still remember the physical casinos. They are still available for those who are not willing to switch to online betting, but for most of us, these buildings that we still find around every corner are only in the past.

Of course, we still know and remember the charm of the physical casino. When we close our eyes, we can still see the dim lights, we can feel the soft carpets that prevent any steps noise, and we can even hear the eccentric sounds of all the slot machines and the ticking of the roulette ball. We can never forget the beautiful girls walking around and giving you the next drink every time when you have your glass empty.

The memory of a real-life casino is warm and it really feels like home for most passionate gamblers all over the world. However, what we cannot see when we reflect on our memories is a reward of any kind. You just get into the building, buy chip tokens and start playing. We either win or lose. There is nothing like a reward for playing, or at least for our loyalty to the casino.

These have always been a dream for all of us, and finally now, with the digitalization process ongoing at a rapid pace for the last few years, we can say that the dream came true. Online casinos have found a way to give us promotions. They are different types and in different amounts and embodiment, and the conditions to get them really depend on the gambling platform and the games that you like to enjoy there.

Slots are one of the most popular types of games that you can find in a great variety of themes and creative production. There you will find some basic symbols and some special ones. The ladder is those which gives you bonuses and promotions. Scatters may give you additional symbols or free spins. However, if you find them in a combo of three or even more, a whole blast of promotions will bring your game to a whole new level.

In slots, you can also find the Wilds, which can help you reach the jackpot when you are only missing a symbol or two. Wilds substitute any symbol on the board for the one that you need. In some slots, you can even find multipliers that can double, triple, or multiply your winning many more times, so you can maximize your earnings at any time. A rare but special symbol, that is different for all the games is the one that brings you a money reward straight forward with no conditions or a few of them, such as playing one more round.

Different casinos have different bonus systems and policies, that whatever it is, will not be rejected by the players. However, there are two basic types of casinos on the web. There are those which give you many bonuses here and there making the illusion that you are getting a lot of benefits for free. This strategy is there to make sure that you, as a gambler and as a user of the specific platform, are having the best time of your life at every step of this web journey in the new gambling world order.

On the other hand, there are those which give you very few rewards for some very specific things, but the amount hiding in the bonus is enormous, which surely brings you a lot of excitement. This rewards policy is created to ensure that you are enjoying your time, while still getting enough dopamine from the "presents" that you keep playing on this exact platform.

How can you claim your welcome bonus

A welcome bonus is one of the most innovative and delusional appearances in virtual online casinos whether they are supplying you with virtual machines or a sportsbook to bet on your favorite team. We have never even dreamed of something so satisfying and it literally comes to us as a present on a Christmas morning. What we can surely admit at this point is that we can now get welcome bonuses in almost every platform we might want to use for our gambling hobby.

However, we can get a little confused by this type of promotion. Many people believe and even state on different websites that welcome bonuses are just a fraud mechanism so that a casino can get you in their network and pile many spam emails in your email inbox. This statement is a complete misunderstanding of how things work and when you get the bonus, but it can be a little confusing for newcomers in the web betting community.

Where you start is picking the right website for your needs and desires. Different web platforms offer different welcome gifts. Such a reward can consist of a few free rounds on the slots if this is the focus of the platform. Other casinos can give you a specific number of free tokens for a few rounds on your favorite game of choice.

The most precious bonuses are those with real money. Some websites would give you a specific amount of money when you make the requested initial deposit. Others would request you to make a deposit and will multiply it a few moments later. These are the best are they do not require you to play a specific game, just because you can, but give you the chance to spend the additional gift deposit on whatever you would like in the platform.

A welcome bonus is like a little compliment from the casino to you. It serves as a Thank-you-gift for choosing the site for your future plays there. However, you do not receive it by just getting on the web casino page. You have to sign up first.

Your first sign-up will be when you make a registration for your personal account. The procedure is quite simple and you are surely familiar with it as it is very identical to making a registration on almost any other website.

First, you have to click on the register button. The site will need some of your personal information such as name, email, date of birth, etc. When you are ready with this part, you will have to go through a few verification steps. This includes a phone message or following a confirmation link sent to your email.

Once you are done with this formal part of the process, you will have to choose your payment method. It might be alternative banking such as Revolut, or your banking account which is a process that insists on additional confirmation from the bank. On the other hand, you can just use a banking card and your bank will see the transactions as payments to an online shop. You can also use your data from a crypto website, so you can play with cryptocurrencies as well.

When you have made a choice on your payment method, you have to make a deposit. This is a very simple task, but it might insist on confirmation from your online banking application, which is a step to take just a few seconds. Beware that welcome bonuses usually come with a minimum initial bonus, so be prepared and make the deposit needed to get your gift at the doorstep of the casino.

When you are ready with the deposit, you will either get a notification or a surprise promotion bubble telling you that you win the bonus, or it will subtly just add to your deposition balance in the gambling wallet of the platform. This counts for the situations when you earn money. If you get free spins, for instance, the website will most probably transfer you automatically to the variety of games where you would like to play them.

Beware that online casinos are not fraud, but you shall not be a part of a fraud activity as well. You can only withdraw the money that you deposited and not the welcome bonus. So making tens of registrations in order to withdraw the bonuses systematically, is something that is forbidden by law and you will be sued for tons of money if you even dare to try to do it.

Are there free spins bonuses

This is a very frequent question as most people imagine money when they hear the word promotion. However, there are different bonuses and one of the most desired types is the free spin. And if there are more of these, this would be the best for most of us. You can get free spins in different scenarios.

There are welcome gifts with free spins but they are usually not many rounds to go with. On the other side, if love rolling symbols on the slots, this is where you have the greatest chance of getting more spins. It might happen with one of the special symbols that are available in almost all games online. The scatter is pretty generous, and if you are lucky enough, you will have the chance to see the scatter combo of three of them or even more in a clutter which will surely bring a lot more spins than you would have ever expected.

Also, if you find the right platform for your needs, and you only focus on slots, which is not a hard task to complete as they are pretty entertaining once you find the right theme for your idea of fun, chances are the website will give you a reward for being so passionate about the specific type of games. This is again a little thank-you-gift from the supplier that you will surely be surprised but pleased to receive any time.

Why playing at is one of the newest casinos in the virtual space. Although some people remain prejudiced towards the betting experience on the web, it is a fact that this casino is one of the safest in the world. You do not have to worry about any of your personal and payment information as it is strongly encrypted by the latest technology. Simply put your information is covered with a code, that is quite impossible to break even by the most skilled hackers. is a website that offers a great variety of games. If you like to enjoy the game while doing nothing and just watching the symbols roll in auto-spin, Betheat has more than five thousand slot games. They include classics like the juicy slots that we remember from years ago, as well as new slots with innovative designs and fusion themes that you would be glad to check out any time.

On the other side, if you love sports and love betting, then this is the right platform for you as it presents itself as a massive sportsbook for all gamblers. However, as you might be a fan of real-life gaming, Betheat offers live tournaments where the dealer and your opponents can keep you entertained for hours and even days. offers many options that will bring your experience to a whole new level. There are demo versions of the games which are a very nice option to try out a game and see if it is the right fit for your needs. You do not have to pay for them, as you are playing with virtual tokens.

If you aim for an even better and more convenient experience, we can say that this web platform gives you the chance to use it with no download required. All you need is an electronic device, no need to be a PC, but just a mobile phone or a tablet would work just as fine. The mobile version of the website is truly outstanding, and intuitive and offers you the same opportunities to win the jackpot as the actual PC version. is famous for providing its users with generous promotions and rewards. We cannot miss the fact that this is most probably the platform offering the best high RTP rate games as well as the best terms and conditions for depositing money and withdrawing your earnings later on.

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