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In the past few years, times have changed. We are observing a massive process of digitalization. It started more than fifteen years ago, and this slow process surely prepared us for the end result. However, nobody could have ever predicted the coronavirus outburst that happened. This is one of the major reasons for digitalization to enhance its pace and conquer our life and we were absolutely unprepared for the result to happen now.

Most businesses that we thought to be impossible to move in the digital world still did it and this was a massive surprise for us. On the other hand, we can all admit that for most of them, this was the only way to survive. Most of them belong to the entertainment industry. We supposed that it will die quickly before it finds its way to the new world order in the web space. Fortunately, this was not the case for the gambling industry.

It is a fact that it would not disappear even following the common worldwide restrictions. However, as the massive transformation from physical to digital services was not a matter of survival as we can all see many physical casinos waiting for their passionate gamblers around almost every corner in town, but it was a chance to spread the betting culture and bring it to a new level.

We are quite used to the classic ambiance of a casino. We love the dim lights, the carpets, the crisp sounds of the slots, and the beautiful women walking around. On the other hand, we can note that online casinos have some things to put on the table. You can bet from any point around the world, by just having a PC, laptop, or any device such as a mobile phone or tablet. You can clearly enjoy a game from the comfort of your couch while having dinner. You can play with no registration so you can leave no trace for somebody to chase.

But most of all, there are two major differences that come into your life when you decide to use the services of an online casino. First, just like no physical casino, online betting institutions offer a lot of bonuses, prizes, and promotions that will surely bring you much closer to the jackpot. On the other hand, if you think that going to Vegas is the dream of every gambler just because there is a massive variety of games and tournaments, you just have to try betting online.

On these websites, you will find not a big variety, but an endless one. You can choose from thousands of games, and in most cases, you can even try them for free, just so you can know whether it is your cup of tea or you need something even more exciting.

What are slot tournaments

Although it is no secret that physical casinos have their own charm that we cannot forget what we really used to love about them was the fact that you could go there and participate in different types of events. In most cases, these are all ranges of tournaments. However, our favorite ones are the slot tournaments. When this whole process of transformation from the physical to the digital service started this was one of our biggest fears - that would not be able to enjoy them anymore if the whole betting world transferred to the web space.

The good thing is this fear was irrational and we can participate in slot tournaments whenever they are available online. For those who are new, these competitions are something to surely try when you need some more excitement in your life. You will find the dates and time spans when they will take place on the websites of the platforms that you have chosen beforehand.

You and many other passionate gamblers just like you will have a concrete number of spins and the one who makes the most points wins the prize. It is like just comfortably rolling the symbols, but you do it in a time slot in severe competition with the others for the greatest prizes and rewards.

How do they work

Participating in these tournaments is quite easy and the process for getting into the slots competition is quite similar to that in a physical casino. However, when you go to the reception they need a validation document for your identity and age. Just like that the websites will need you to make a registration.

This is a process you are most probably very familiar with. You click on the Register button. Then, you will have to fill in all your personal information such as name, age, email, phone number, country, and a few more details. If you have chosen a site that is reliable and worthy of your time and efforts, you will have to go through a few verification steps either on with receiving a code on your cellphone or by clicking on a link sent to your personal email. These verification procedures will keep you and your personal information safe as well as your payment information, from any fraudulent activity.

Once you are done with the registration on the platform itself, you are supposed to pick a payment method. It might be a PayPal profile, credit or debit card, or directly your bank account. This is what you will be using to make payments to the site and where you will transfer your earnings when you make a good win. When you fill in your payment details, you are ready to make a deposit. As this is your first card withdrawal activity for the casino, your banking institution may need verification from you, again through email, phone message, or your online banking application.

Once you are ready with all these administrative steps, it is time for some fun with the slots. Go to the tournaments section on the platform and find the slots competitions. There are usually plenty of them. You can most probably find daily, weekly, monthly, and annual slot competitions. You will find out that they have their own price. This counts as a participation fee. Just go to each slot tournament page and see what it offers for the money. Do not be too hesitant as these are usually good deals for passionate gamblers.

When you find the right slots that hold competitions, you can pay the participation tax and wait for it to hold place. Beware that these usually hold at a specific time or at least in a specific time span and you have to be on time to use the package to the fullest. It usually consists of many spins for the price. What you do have to know is that the bigger the participation fee, the more spins you will have, and therefore, the greater the chances of winning the most points and winning the big prize.

Why should you take part

There are different reasons why people decide that they need to participate in slot tournaments. 

First of all, these are not like live tournaments where people play those serious games. In slot games, you do not need any strategy built. Of course, if you want to feel more prepared, you can always research strategies online. Another thing that might be useful if you are more on the rational side, is that you can check out the game theory. It focuses on dependencies and the way chance theories work. This will give you a rough idea of when is the best time to play, and what is the best competition for you depending on the game itself and the benefits that come with it.

Tournaments are for those passionate gamblers who know their needs. These people are usually the ones who have played almost every slot online. They have tried all the themes and have experienced all the plotlines. They know what to expect and what rewards and prizes different game algorithms can give them. This is how when they open the tournament page and see what the game is, they know whether they have good chances to win or the slot has little benefits for the players such as scatters and wilds.

Even if you are not an experienced player, this should not be a problem for you to participate in such a competition. The best thing about it is that slots are games that insist on zero experience and strategy, so even if it is your very first time playing rolling the symbols, you still have the chance to get one of the top places in the ranking and set a status of a winner in your profile in the platform. If you want to have a little practice beforehand, you can always go and try the demo version of the game for free.

Whether you are an experienced player or a newbie in the gamblers world, we can all admit that these tournaments are not there to make you the richest person in the world, although this is still a potential option for most of us in the journey of the competition. The main reason why we love these is the fact that they bring not only pleasure and joy, but they bring us the feeling of excitement and of the unknown. Also, it is not to forget that it is psychologically proven that when we have the feeling of competing, we tend to be more precise and we are more willing to make the most of our time and money in the game.

The only thing that we can surely find as a disadvantage of these tournaments is that unlike regular slot games, where you can use the auto spin button, there is no such option. This means that more effort on your side will be involved as well as pressure and tension. If you would find this constant pressing of the spin button way too time and effort-consuming and even annoying to some extent, you shall probably consider skipping this part of the casino life.

What prizes can be won

Prizes can vary and it really depends on your personal preferences. There are two types of tournaments in the context of this gambler's lucky pool party. When signing up for the contest you should be aware of what the prize is, so you can know whether it fits your needs and desires.

There are cash contests and prize contests. In both types, the prize is initially announced to the players, so you can choose which one is better for you. Cash prizes vary depending on the competition itself. The bigger the prize is, the bigger the amount of money that you will have to invest in the participation fee. This rule is just as accurate for the free-play rewards. They are usually a certain number of free spins on games which is very suitable, especially for passionate gamblers who know they will use this win the best possible way - by playing more later. These might be numbers of spins somewhere between three and six hundred.

Is the best place to play

Betheat is one of the best online casinos on the web. One of the most significant advantages of the website is the fact that it offers a whole next level of security for its users. All personal information and payment data are secured by encryption codes which might seem quite light, but these codes are the hardest even for the most skilled hackers to break.

Betheat is not only safe, but it can bring your experience online to another universe of pleasure. The platform offers a massive variety of slots, games, and live tournaments in different strategic games such as Russian roulette and Poker. This gives you the chance to have a new and exciting journey every day.

What is even more, when you want to try a new game, you can always do it for free. You can give a shot at the free demo versions of the games. You can do it without even having a registration on the website. This is a great chance for you to try out old classic games or newly released ones, so you can further know whether this game suits your needs and desires and whether it is worth investing some of your deposit in them and their potential.

When it comes to the terms and conditions, we have to admit that is one of the best websites to choose to be a loyal client of. Even for regular users of the service, not only for VIP players, there are great conditions for playing the paid version of the games. There is a very small percentage tax for depositing money from your bank account or whatever you have decided to be your payment method.

It is not to forget that to maximize your earnings from the casino you need to make the most of them in every sense. In this context, as we all know that casinos are first of all businesses and they have to win even from your wins, they usually apply a percentage on your wins and withdrawals to your banking card. The percentage in Betheat is almost invisible for your best equations at the end of the journey. What is even more Betheat is one of the websites that can offer you a great variety of games with a very high return-to-player rate, even more than 95%.

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